Are you still worried for pandemic jobs lost ? Of course this is a very concern of every one that the economic situation of the entire world specially for Indian is a matter of concerned for every Indians including unemployment youths and job seekers,There are 3.7 billion employees already been lost their jobs.Specially in the Hospitality Sector there is a great jobs depression.More over,70% in the MSMS sector are closed down, However,Govt of Indian trying to best to restore these sector which contributes 30% growth to the GDP.In this way a new India is going to be emerge within 2025 where jobs for Govt sector will be vanished almost 80%.It is afreaid the same situation may follow even in the Public Sectors of India.
Hon’ble Ex President of Indian,A P J Abdul Kalam already predicted that there will be option of job except Multi Level Marketing ,and he urged to frame a legislation in this regard by the govt of India. A reliable sources Of course said that the Govt of Indian is going to have a legislation in this regard. In this connection many Universities India already introduced the Network Marketing course for benefits of future youths. Since MLM will be the only option to make a decent career. The developed countries in the west already pursuing MLM as careers.
In this very distress situation We are glad to inform that a Great Business plan with 1000 Horse power is going to be rock the entire country.So, If you want to enjoying your lives more comfortably with a great dream, then we have a great news, we have already stated above.

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If so, I’ve got the solution for you!
For the first time ever, In less than a week, you’ll go from being frustrated, lost and stuck… to finally having the system you need to recruit actual ‘business builders’ and create duplications. Ready to ‘Build Your Team’ anywahere in the world by creating more excitements. Imagine what it would be like to have your entire trained, confident, and excited to go out and share the business with everyone they know !
Without a doubt, being “social” on society it is important to success, everybody want to be a successful people. What is the purpose of prospecting in MLM, it is to sell product/build a team and yes, make money.
We need to connect with people who will become customers/prospects and/or join to our teams. Who will join to your team. It is very easy to prospecting with the warm market- its your friends and family member or your known people, but the research said out of 100 warm people only 3 to 5 people sustains in this business. But when you go with the cold people or offline, cold market people (Which I don’t know complete Unknown) are very hard to approach , but once you aligned with these people, it is very easy to convert into sales or joining. Even, when the Unknown people denied to you, you will not be hurt. Because he/she is an unknown to me. But , it is true that when a friend or your near one denied you it is very hard to digest. So it is better to go with UNKNOWN PEOPLE.
Now it is the question, How it will be possible. That is Our responsibility. We explore how to connect with people who will become customers/propects and/or join our teams. Think building a valuable connections through social media is easy ? Even people who are good at communicating with others face to face, in the ‘real’ world often forget that on the other side of an online interaction or social media exchange is a real person, another human being with the same goals, dreams and needs that we have. People we are trying to attract to us .



 (Advance Women Mansuration Disorders solution)
 Do You Make Mistakes in Choosing     
Sanitary Pad ????

On research, it is established that 1 out of 3 women are affected by gynecological disorders due to the use of ordinary sanitary pad that contains DIOXIN(TOXIN).

 Every 7 minutes a woman is dying due to Cervix cancer.

ONE MAIN CAUSE TO WOMEN’S HEALTH PROBLEM is the use of sanitary pads that contain DIOXIN(TOXIN). Do you know how Disposable Sanitary Napkins are Made ?? Plastics and Polybags of 4th-grade waste materials. THE RECYCLE WASTE WOULD UNDERGO BLEACHING PROCESSES WHICH PRODUCES TOXIN DIOXIN. 


A CARCINOGEN( CANCER HAZARD). In 1997 the International Agency for Research on Cancer published that DIOXIN is now considered a group 1 carcinogen.( A known Human Carcinogen.In 2001 The U S National Toxicology Program upgraded Dioxin to be known as a Human Carcinogen. A July 2002 study in the U.S. shows dioxin related to many health problems linked to dioxin exposure.



Cyanides destroy human cells and among others lead to heart, respiratory system, and central nervous system failure.900 times more toxic than Arsenic. Arsenic poisoning can lead to a variety of problems, from skin cancer to keratosis of the feet.


kins over a span of 35 years of her life.

It could lead to Hormone imbalance, continuous exposure can cause an inability to maintain pregnancy, miscarriages, decreased fertility, fibroids, learning disabilities, immune system suppression, diabetes, skin disorder, lung problems, etc. etc.

On Average, a woman uses 15,000 pieces of sanitary nap

Therefore, the risk of being exposed to DIOXIN is also 15000 times.


                             SMART SANITARY PADS 

  • A women’s Good friend, prevent all gynecological disorders
  • Skin-friendly, soft & ultra-thin, Eliminating ODOR & Anti-bacterial
  • Super absorbing, 100% leakage proofed and feel dry
  • The internationally advanced dual-core technology of Active oxygen & Negative ion are organically combined to grant you double care and double comfort.


                                     This Smart Sanitary Pads protect from : –

  •   A lot of bleeding during period & long period bleeding
  •    2 – 3 times period in a month
  •   Continuance of Bleeding after period
  •   Period pains/Menstrual pains,
  •   White/Yellowish Discharge along with back pains during periods
  •    Itchy Vagina
  •    Bacterial infections to the Vagina,
  •    Rashes, Genital warts, Ulcer on the vagina
  •    Smelly  & Sticky discharge
  •    Muscle and joints pains and backache

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  1. Day use(10 pc) :Rs.171.00
  2. Night use(8 pc) :Rs. 160.00
  3. Treatment use(30 pc) – Rs.263.00

           (Min order Rs.500.00)

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Multifunctional Headcare Apparatus

Multi Headcare Apparatus.png

TIENS Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus is designed as an intelligent single-chip microcomputer.

It balances blood pressure of human body by adjusting head electric potential difference to convert abnormal head electric potential to normal status.

It uses laser irradiation and can improve cardio-vascular blood microcirculation and prevent cardio-vascular diseases.

The vibration massage is to offer a delightful sense of comfort while adjusting head electric potential relieves brain fatigue and improve memory.

How  to  Use:

  1. Hold the apparatus with one hand, and closely touch the metal loop ring outside the crust to make the metal contact get in touch with your head or body. A loop will be formed between the conductive ring and the metal contact, the LCD and laser both get switched on.
  2. Comb your head or body at a constant speed, this will balance the excessive positive electro-dynamics force on your head or body, and adjusts the blood pressure to normal value. The laser irradiation on skin can help kill bacteria, enhance head blood circulation, and effectively prevent hair shedding, baldness and help in regenerating hair. It can improve cardio-vascular blood microcirculation and prevent cardio-vascular diseases.
  3. Press the vibration ON-OFF key for two seconds to start the vibration; the default setting is Weak.
  4. Press the ON-OFF key to shift from Weak to Strong and then quickly press the ON-OFF key to return to Weak.
  5. After choosing proper vibration level through the above operations, let the metal contact touch your head or body to massage, so as to relive brain fatigue and improve your memory.
  6. Press the vibration ON-OFF key for two seconds to shut the vibration.

Note: Qi balancer & blood circulative massager or Jiajun Pressure Lowering Device is/was also known as Jiajun Apparatus for Reducing Blood Pressure.

It is a two AAA size battery-operated apparatus – batteries included.

Jiajun Pressure Lowering Device was originally designed to control high blood pressure by stimulating acupuncture points on the scalp. This award-winning bioelectric apparatus is now found by some to have a reverse effect with seborrheic alopecia (balding) and has been very beneficial for some with pain relief. Its operation intergrades with Chinese old theory on physical channels, drainage that reaches the purpose of health protection and recovery. Successfully marketed by clinics in many countries, such as Russia, France, China and Turkey. For the past few years, it has marked curative effect on many usual diseases, such as a headache, hair-loss, asthma, toothache, stomach, intestinal diseases, nephropathy, rheumatism arthritic pain, liver diseases and spleen by interpreting with different treatment methods. Treatment takes about 3-5 minutes.

The human physiological function depends on the electricity circuit in the body. The blockage of the circuit may cause imbalance and many diseases.

Jiajun Pressure Lowering Device is one of the worlds recognized high-quality device, in which it is able to treat diseases by balancing the bio-electricity. It’s the integration of modern science and ancient Chinese theory of meridian and collateral to keep these channels fluent, which is essential in diseases prevention.

Outstanding characteristics of product

  1. Light and handy. Without magnetic and additional electric power, can be used anytime, anywhere.
  2. Large contact area does not need to aim at specific points accurately since the point is within coverage.
  3. Immediate effect within 3-5 minutes.
  4. Helps maintain healthy blood pressure.
  5. Similar to massage and treatment of “guasa” when combing.
  6. Pure green treatment without any side effect.

Jiajun Pressure Lowering Device has been designed to strengthen weak human body current. Making use of the instrument’s 21 special leading treatment cog tips effects detection, magnetization and stimulation, strengthening and balancing the body’s close circuit.

  1. It regulates and reduces high blood pressure.
  2. It combats heart diseases – angina pectoris, chest suffocation and brain vessel problems.
  3. It clears mental blockages. It renews memory faculty and promotes mental retention.
  4. It helps the liver and clears pancreas inflammation and liathosis.
  5. It relieves shoulder pains and neck pains caused by unsuitable pillows and stress.
  6. It helps relieve arthritis, rheumatism, waist and back aches.
  7. It helps the flexibility of coronary artery convulsion.
  8. It clears dizziness and relieves a headache, tiredness and nervous stress.
  9. It helps thickening and darkening hair, promoting shiny hair texture
  10. Using the smooth metal base on the face three times a day for a month rejuvenates dead facial cells.

All you need to do is replacing your regular comb with this unique biophysical apparatus and comb your scalp from front to back slowly 3 times a day. When gently brushed over the skin regularly, it may also promote fairer and smoother skin texture and may reduce lines and wrinkles.

Multi Headcare Apparatus 12.png

MRP :: INR Rs.13,875.00

For  Home Business Enquiry, Please Contact : +91 7002353088 or Email : khemamayum1957@gmail.com

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Unlock (1).png


Do you want to play small, slow & safe? Then, Why are you in MLM? Even if you are already working in the industry or just started, you should know this fact that there are nothing much for the people who play small. People with this mindset struggle for years and hardly get anything, Yes ! it is the combination of mindset with specific skill sets required to play Big. You can Play Big, You can explore it  with our Systematic Life-Plan to make a successful career.

In-Network Marketing success likes Speed! Well, It is true everywhere else too, We have designed a 100 Days in 2 Hours workshop, Where you can have the path of a successful career. The 100 Days Orientation cum workshop will proceed in step by steps in which we are going to share with you, how to change peoples’ perception about network marketing, how to recruit unlimited People online/offline using various media. Unique Sales Techniques to Play with the Psychology of Prospects. Time-Proven Action Plans to be a Top Earner, Strategies to Build Momentum and Train your Team to Ultimate Leadership.

This workshop is first works on your Mindset and Personal Development.

It is an ultimate Time Saver as it gives you the exact recipe for success with exact proportions of the ingredients which helps you avoid the common mistakes most people make in network marketing.

Remember, If you are going to cut the woods, first invest to sharpen your axe.




  • Dream
  • Option Network Marketing As it is.
  • Network Marketing Vr. Illegal Schemes
  • Network Marketing Myths
  • The Right Way to Start Network Marketing


  • Super Prospecting
  • Invitation skill
  • Showing the Plan
  • Objection Handling
  • Developing Customers
  • Fears of Loss
  • Follow Up
  • Closing Formula
  • Social Media Recruitment.


  • First 30 Days
  • A Fine Line
  • Habit Formation


  • Finding Prospects and Making them Leaders
  • People Do What You do,Not what you say.
  • How to be a top Earner in just one year.


Discover Tools To Con.png



  1. As per norms we will connect with people through the social media  as per desired place/town/city of the clients. Our connection with the prospects will be on the basis with the products or services provided by the Industry/Company for which the clients are hiring us to provide prospects.
  2. We will provide a list of prospects with Name, Place and Contact No. who has already aware of the products /services of the company/industry.
  3. It it now clients part to contact and convert the prospects from the list of prospects provided by us to sales or joining in your teams.
  4. Clients will contact/talk with the prospects on basis of the products and now it is upto clients to apply his skill for subsequently convert from prospects to customers or joining with the teams or remain as customers.


  1. It is presume that Once the clients go through our website by clicking on the Ad, the client is agreeing our terms and conditions.
  2. Client must provide the details of the products (Preferably equipment or apparatus as product which is the best for proven result oriented) or services on which our campaign will run on social media.
  3. We will provide list of prospects which will cost per prospect. The Total Bill should not be less than Rs.5000.00. The amount will be paid in advance through a Payment gateway. Which will be provided at the time of final settlements.
  4. In case of out side India the total payment should not be less than $99.
  5. Cost of per Prospect is Rs.200.00 for Indian and US $ 5 per prospect outside India.
  6. What so ever the nos. Of prospects, the list of prospects will send  to the Client’s Email at Morning 9am and afternoon at 5pm everday or as per client’s requirements. List of prospects sending time will be  as per client’s convenient for Out side India clients.
  7. We are not liable for any dispute arising out of clients and prospects. Any Dispute with the clients is within the jurisdiction of Guwahati, Assam, India.

             For further information contact (Mobile) +91 7002353088,

              Email ID :khsinghadilip@gmail.com